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the ultimate product management coaching program to help you take your product management career to the next level.

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Why Product Management Grad School?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed in your current role as a product manager?
  • Are you not having the impact you should be?
  • Are you unsure of yourself when presenting information to others?
  • Do you need clarity and insight into your career path - your next product management job?

I'm Nils Davis

I'm the author of The Secret Product Manager Handbook and host of The Secrets of Product Management podcast.

I lead the PM Grad School product management coaching program to give you the tools you need to be confident and assured in the stressful situations that make up product management.

Core Components

I tailor your product management coaching program specifically to you. You'll receive individualized coaching related to both your current challenges and issues and your ultimate career goals. We choose from a wide range of topics, including:

  • Market and product discovery.
  • Using customer stories to ramp up sales, marketing, discovery, and development speed.
  • Leadership skills, including strategic thinking and storytelling.
  • Persuasion and influence skills for motivating your team, selling your ideas, and taking your product to market.
  • And even best practices for resumes and interviewing.

What My Clients Say

In particular, storytelling became a powerful skillset

I became a lot more confident. Nils shared key methods and frameworks that i could use and apply to virtually every situation. In particular, storytelling became a powerful skillset for me.

And Nils is a wonderful person, super-fun to have as a coach and work with. He truly cares about your success in your role and finding ways to help you improve your skills no matter what your challenge might be.

Renee T, Senior Product Manager

What I valued most was that Nils was always able to unblock me. There were times I didn’t know what to do next, and Nils always had a way to get me unblocked so I could keep going. The ROI was absolutely worth it to me as a product leader in a fast-moving startup.

Daniel M, VP of Product and Engineering

My confidence level, as a new C-level product leader, has gone way up. With Nils’ help, my product sense and leadership skills have grown a lot. I now feel like a peer with the CEO and CTO. I’m less defensive, less on edge in every 1-on-1, and I have an executive presence.

Nils gave me tools for managing stakeholders - the CEO, CFO, CTO - that not only put them more at ease, but also increased the trust. Techniques like pre-handling objections, and understanding each of their needs so could approach certain issues in terms they’d resonate with.

Camil L, Chief Product Officer

How It Works

The Product Management Grad School program consists of nine one-hour one-on-one sessions with me. Plus I provide templates, manuals, and other related materials. 

We will schedule these sessions at our mutual convenience, over 90 days.

In addition, you'll have asynchronous access to me via Voxer and/or email for questions or quick advice.

What You Can Expect

Your results from the PM Grad School product management program will include:


Higher confidence and a more engaging and charismatic presence.

On Stage

Improved presentations and persuasion skills.


Increased impact in all your activities at work.


Elevating your thinking from tactical to strategic (and bringing your team along with you).

Team Leader

Growing expertise in leading and motivating teams.

Career Clarity

A clear definition of the next steps on your career path, either within your current company or in a new company.

My Promise To You

If you implement and take action on the Product Management Grad School program, you will see and experience changes in your skills and in how you are perceived at work.

And if you don't find Product Management Grad School delivers on this promise, I will keep working with you until you do!

Ready to unlock your full potential as a product manager?

To learn more and book your free consultation call, click on "Let's Talk!" button below. That will take you to my Calendly page where you can schedule a call with me at a time convenient to you.

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I'm excited to help you crush your goals and take your product management career to the next level!

The Breakdown

Here's a peek into the range of topics we can cover in the Product Management Grad School program.

Persuasion and influence

  • The Fundamental Rule of Persuasion
  • The role of your audience's subconscious
  • How to manage your audience's subconscious
  • 5 key techniques for being more persuasive


  • The product manager's role in go-to-market
  • The Minimum Viable Product Knowledge (MVPK) required to market and sell your product.
  • The Value Inequality and how to handle the prospect's perception of risk.
  • How do demo so that you close sales.

Your career

  • Your personal success stories are the key to getting your next job.
  • How to tell your personal success stories well.
  • How to turn a success story into a bullet point.
  • The importance of quantitative results in your resume, and what to do if you don’t have them.
  • Your resume won’t get you a job - what will? Networking and building a reputation.

Presentation skills

  • How to make your presentation 10x better in about an hour.
  • How to handle audience questions, even if you don’t know the answers. 
  • How to tell a story with data in your presentation
  • Good presentations vs bad presentations - and how not to have a bad presentation.

Your strengths and weaknesses

  • Why Imposter Syndrome is normal for product managers.
  • What to do about your Imposter Syndrome.
  • Your strengths - how to find out what they are, and how to make use of them.
  • Your weaknesses - what to do about them.

Thinking and acting strategically

  • The simplest way to get more strategic.
  • Inferring the corporate strategy, even if no one has articulated it.
  • What Is a strategy, anyway?
  • How tactics and strategy are related - it’s not as simple as you think.

Working with developers

  • The secret formula for motivating developers.
  • How to get more value to market faster by communicating more effectively with your developers.
  • What “agile” means to product managers, and how not to get stuck in “Methodology Hell.”
  • The V.A.L.U.A.B.L.E. rubric for functional specs (it’s way better than user stories!).

Ready to achieve your full potential?

It's as simple as a quick, free consultation call with me. You'll get some coaching on an immediate need, and I'll answer any questions you have about the program and working with me. 

Click on "Let's Talk!" button below. That will take you to my Calendly page where you can schedule a call with me at a time convenient to you.

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I'm excited to help you crush your goals and take your product management career to the next level!