Product Management Grad School

Is It Time to Take Your Product Management Career to the Next Level?

As a product manager, you are a unicorn already – you have skills and knowledge no one else has.

But you’ve probably learned or been taught a lot of crap.

Ideas about product management that are outmoded or just plain incorrect...

... Ways of working that are inadequate to modern product companies.

... Mental models that aren't accurate or don't give you the best leverage. 

And I find that a lot of my clients have never been taught the critical soft skills that can make product managers so much more effective, like: 

  • Persuasion and influence
  • How to present effectively
  • How to do market discovery
  • How to say "No" to a customer or a stakeholder while preserving or strengthening the relationship

Product Management Grad School teaches all these skills and others in tutorial style “graduate level” product management courses and programs. 

All to help you:

  • Build confidence.
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome.
  • Become a master communicator and influencer.
  • Build your credentials and credibility as a "go to" resource for challenging projects.
  • Change the way you’re thinking, acting, and interacting.

Who Is Product Management Grad School For?

I work with product managers in organizations who want to improve their effectiveness.

My clients include both individuals (who are often funded through their employers) and product leaders who wish to level up one of more of their product managers.

Better product managers are more effective at creating products, taking them to market, and discovering market problems worth solving. 

So if your company's objective is to grow revenue, make customers happier, and increase retention, one of your best levers is to improve your product management practice.

"I love your materials. As a new PM, they give me and my team some great models, analogies and metaphors to challenge the way we think about PM."

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